In a professional career spanning five decades, I’ve had the benefit of learning from many successful people: CEOs, PhDs, Ambassadors, Governors, University Presidents, my own accomplished Clients, etc.

But the best advice I ever got came early on from people who loved me: my Mother and my late Husband.

Ann Kingry, a brilliant woman with only a High School Education, taught me conversationally 24/7 in our modest Michigan home. Most memorable, beyond her example, was her mantra: "If your're going to do something, do it well."

And Edward Pires, my darling late Husband of 45 years, a self-made man and life-long learner with eclectic interests, who attained status in his field as a Builder-Developer, paid forward, and always put Family first. He was my Cheerleader-in-Chief. I still hear him whispering in my ear: “You can do it, Mary!"

Hopefully, I did.


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